It was not by accident that Josua Oberlerchner got in touch with beekeeping. Already his grandparents were beekeepers, and after spending some years at the institute of apiculture in Vienna he decided to harvest self-made honey for his family- right in Vienna. The location, in the nature reserve Fasangarten, between the Gloriette, Gardening School and Maria Theresien barrack, however was then found accidently. Honeybees had already been at this place during the imperial period. The apiary was built in the 1950s and since 2008 honey is extracted here again. Right from the beginning, a gentle mode of operation was the highest priority. Which means for example that all the transportation is done by bicyle including a trailer or by using the publich transport systems. After all the bees should thrive in a low-pollution environment, where I want to contribute. As a family father time is often limited therfore Johannes Oberhuber supports the honey-farm since two years, as well exclusively using his bicyle.


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Josua Timotheus Oberlerchner
Diefenbachgasse 12/12/17
1150 Wien